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Video Uploads

Video Cover Design Guideline

Choosing the Cover

  1. Cover Admin: The first seconds of the video will be the admin cover if you haven’t set any cover.

   2. Upload from galary:

  • Photo: Should be related to the video, better for users to immediately realize what’s about the video.

  • Edited Photo: Put the video title on the cover, make your cover outstands from others. Make sure that the text is clear and organized.


Cover Size

  1. Cover ratio is 16:9, the overflow will be cropped.

  2. For example, the 4:3 ratio cover will be cropped to 16:9 ratio like down below.


SWAG Logo Regulation

  1. Please use the Standard color for SWAG logo (#00D2BE)

  2. When editing the SWAG logo without background on the cover, white logo is recommaned.

Don’t add additional shadows or lighting effects, modify colors, or change the orientation.

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