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  • Prohibited for offer/sale/add private contact. (WhatsApp, Line,  Telegram... etc).

  • Prohibited for advertise any kind of social media platform. (Instagram, Twitter, Facebook).

  • Prohibited for any kind of third party Logo in the account.

  • Prohibited for attacking other model or users.

  • Prohibited for leaking users/models personal infos.

  • Prohibited for exchange cash for any kind of service.

  • Make sure the all the people appear in story/video has the awareness of they will be on SWAG.

Story Post

  • Model should be shown if it is PAID story.

  • #1080P, #4K and #teen is prohibited hashtag.

  • Prohibited for recording contents from another phone screen.

  • Prohibited for any kind of 'Pirated' content.

  • Title and content should not be fraud.

  • Story related to 'Quit' is prohibited.


⚠️  Photo format story always be free, video format story set from 60 to 240 diamonds.

Video Post

  • #1080P, #4K and #teen is prohibited hashtag.

  • Personal logo/watermark allowed, but only place at the right down corner.

  • Prohibited for any kind of links in the video.

  • Only use 'copyright-free' music and prepare the document as proof.

  • Prohibited for non-audio video.

  • Prohibited for low image quality video.

  • Prohibited for any kind of 'Pirated' content.

Legal terms

  • BDSM - Prohibited for any kid of BDSM contents, includes wording, image and video format.

  • Against the wills - Prohibited for rape, coercion, hypnosis or any kind of method that against the wills.

  • Illegal behavior - Prohibited for sex trade, unspoken rules, drugs sex, kidnapping, drunk rape, incest, bestiality... etc.

  • Child welfare - Prohibited for any kind of terms related to children, such as, underage, babies, child, pedophile... etc.

  • ⚠️ Alway confirm with your agent if you are not sure about the title/contents.

Video Post


  • Prohibited for any kind of sex trade, sex violence.

  • Prohibited for any kind of hint about sex trade.

  • ⚠️ The account will be terminated for provide or hint possibility of the sex trade.

  • ⚠️ Alway confirm with your agent if you are not sure about the regulation.


  • 20 times of diamonds as punishment for breaking the regulations.

  • The accounts terminated for models who repeatedly break the regulation.

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