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Promoting Your

SWAG Account

Once you have an active account with videos and stories to unlock, don’t forget to let your fanbase know about it. Add your SWAG account url to your lists, post to social media with links and a call to action to view your latest content and feel free to link or mention your SWAG account in your social media bios. 


When using Instagram to promote, make sure to use less provocative photos, and do not link directly to SWAG. It is very common for people in our industry to have their accounts flagged and deleted, and we do not want you to lose the fan base you’ve worked so hard to collect. Twitter is much more lenient with adult content so make good use of that platform to promote!

If you wish to be promoted to our official SWAG social media accounts, make sure to submit high resolution, well-lit photos for consideration. Maximize the resulting exposure by having lots of content to unlock once users land on your account. 


If you consistently post high quality engaging content and/or make it to our leaderboard, we will be able to offer you more promotional opportunities such as features in ads across global leading tube sites. 

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