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Getting Started

Welcome to SWAG! Your account is verified and it’s time to downloaded the app called Swagr which is your portal for uploading videos and interacting with fans. 


Simply follow the download instructions below according to your mobile device type.

Swagr for Apple users

Step.1 Download TestFlight app here


Step.2 Once downloaded, click this link


A six digit pin code will be sent to your email, it expires after 10 minutes but then you don't have to login again unless you've been inactive for months. 


Swagr app for Android users

  • Download the app here


Once downloaded, make sure to manually allow your Android to download this third party app, as it does not appear in the Google Play Store. 

Optimizing Your Profile

You’re now ready complete your profile. Use this checklist to make sure you have a completed every step in setting up an attractive account that is optimized for maximum earnings! 

Avatar photo

Your profile photo should be of your face or torso, well-lit and high resolution and ideally 800 x 800 px.

Cover Photo 

Your cover photo must also be well-lit and high resolution and ideally 2,160 x 3,240 px.


This is your first chance to motivate members to get to know you more. Make it enticing and inviting.


Upload a minimum of 3 videos at least 5 minutes in length with interesting or provocative titles, tags are relevant.

Set diamonds

How many diamonds you charge for a fan to send you a message is up to you, and the range is from 0-1,000.

Set a Schedule

Consider a schedule that is consistent and frequent so your fans know when to find you for activities such as chat, livestream etc. 

Cultivate your brand

Many Top Swaggers find success by focusing on one niche or a small set of similar niches that are popular & trendy. Find your voice and style and let it shine!

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