Get To Know

All SWAG Functions

SWAG is unique among adult platforms in that it operates like social media. The more active, interactive and consistent you are, the higher your earning potential will be.


Get to know all the functions and find a schedule that works for you and your fans.


​We strongly encourage Swaggers to send a welcome message to all new followers with a call to action or question to get the conversation started. Actively reach out to all fans instead of waiting for them to reach out to you. Answer as promptly as possible and learn to keep the conversation going so you can earn as many diamonds as possible

  • Price per message is set between free - 10,000 diamonds 


Step 1



Step 2

Amount reply


Step 3

Select diamonds


Step 4

Get diamonds

  • Photos / Videos sent in chat: free - 10,000 diamonds

Step 1

Click the camera


Step 2

Write caption 


Step 3

Set unlock diamond


Step 4

Get diamonds



Keep your fans engaged by posting some free content occasionally, as a sneak peek or preview of what to expect from full length videos. You can also use this function to make announcements about upcoming video uploads, livestream events /countdowns, or to broadcast any changes to your schedule. 

  • Photos and videos must be captured with your in-app camera, and cannot be uploaded from your mobile gallery. Press the yellow button one time to capture a photo and press & hold the yellow bottom to record a video.

  • Videos must be a minimum of 3 seconds and a maximum of 30 seconds.

  • Stories disappear after 48 hours and cannot be removed once published. 

  • Photos are always free to view.

  • Videos must be unlocked. Set the price at a minimum of 60 and maximum of 40 diamonds.

Click yellow button



Set a regular schedule that your fans will begin to memorize and look forward to. Make sure to alert your fans via social media, a photo story, chat etc.

  • Price is set at 120 diamonds per minute in private mode.

  • Timezone is 20:00-02:00 UTC+8.

  • Make use of the Gift Goal function to let fans know how many diamonds fans must spend to.

  • Ask fans for gifts (diamonds) to keep the party going!

Click yellow button and choose livestream



Consider having a regular release schedule, start with something like once a week and build from there (ex: Fridays at 8pm).



Click +add

Step 4


Step 2

Choose video

Step 3

Select horizon cover

Step 5


  • Videos must be a minimum of 5 minutes in length.

  • Price is fixed at 1,800 diamonds.

  • Content cannot be removed after published.

  • Use the Canned Message function to send an automatic message to a fan’s chatroom when they unlock your content.

  • Hot adult content is the most successful. Pay attention to feedback from your fans so you know how to create content that is as engaging as possible and be open to evolving with the trends of the industry. Keep on top of your fans’ desires and watch the diamonds flood in!



When a user follows you or unlocks your video, they will get access to video stories set at 50 diamonds within the chatroom. Use these reduced rate video stories to attract users to the chat function to maximize earnings. Auto Stories disappear after 48 hours.


Step 1

Click Add message

Step 2:

Choose video

Step 3

Make a video

Step 4




You can now set up Live Events that can be unlocked if a certain amount of gifted diamonds are reached.

  • Make sure to clearly title the content of the performance (ex: Pole Dance).

  • Set the amount of gifted diamond to unlock the performance.

  • Multiple Events can be set at a time.

  • Check the achievement status in real time through the leaderboard.



Fans can send you diamonds from the chatroom or during livestream, so make sure to use those functions regularly.


Don’t be shy to ask your fans to show their appreciation!